Photo of the Day: Lamborghini Skittles by Jeremy Cliff

If Lamborghinis are known for anything apart from their breathtaking performance and always eye-catching designs, it would have to be for the bright colours they are often ordered in. Unlike rivals Ferrari and Porsche, Lamborghini customers aren’t shy on making use of Lamborghini’s expansive colour palate. To showcase this, Jeremy Cliff Photography recently gathered together five exceptionally bright Lamborghinis for a truly incredible display.

The cars included are a bright yellow Lamborghini Murcielago LP640, two Lamborghini Huracans as well as two Lamborghini Aventadors. Finished in yellow, red, purple, green and dark orange respectively, they really are like a real-life box of very expensive and very Italian skittles!

Lamborghini in many colors

[Via Jeremy Cliff]


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