Miami Vice Ferrari Testarossa heading to auction

Late last year, the legendary white Ferrari Testarossa from Miami Vice was listed up on eBay for a casual $1.75 million. Fast forward to the middle of 2015 and it has been confirmed that the Italian supercar is set to be auctioned off by Mecum Auctions at the company’s event in Monterey on 13-15 of August.

It is reported that two Ferrari Testarossas were used during the filming of Miami Vice. Both were originally painted black but director Michael Mann apparently decided to have both painted white because the cameras simply couldn’t capture the black Testarossas at night adequately.

After filming of Miami Vice ended in 1989, the Testarossa in question was retired and remained in storage from 1990 through to this year. It has been authenticated by Ferrari North America and Ferrari Classiche and has 16,124 miles on the odometer. It also recently underwent a major service costing $8000 which saw the engine being removed and worked on.

Of course powering the car is a potent flat 12-cylinder engine delivering 390 hp. Highlighting RM Sotheby’s Monterey sale will be this Pinnacle Collection.


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