Larte Design Lexus LX570

When left standard, the Lexus LX570 is a tank for the road more than capable of frightening young children and causing heart attacks in the elderly. Not dissuaded by this fact, Larte Design recently opted for the LX570 as its latest project and has just taken the covers off the interesting bodykit it has created for the offroader.

At the front, Larte Design has installed the LX570 with a thoroughly overhauled front fascia with a blacked out grille, new LED taillights and a crazy bumper incorporating many straight lines and sharp and pointed edges. As you’d imagine, it is completely unlike any other Lexus LX570 bodykit available and entirely different from the standard car.

Further modifications include a striking rear bumper and diffuser combination as well as custom wheels, side skirts and a new exhaust system.

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