Photo of the Day: Double RWB Porsche 911 in Hong Kong

RAUH-Welt Begriff, better known as RWB in enthusiast circles, is a niche Japanese tuner which has made a name for itself with its widebody Porsche 964-generation 911s. While it remains to be seen just how many 911s there are out there customized by RWB, each and every one is insanely eye-catching and these two are absolutely no different.

Pictured here is a special Porsche 911 finished in Tiffany Blue and complemented by another 911 fitted with a Martini livery. Interestingly, the Tiffany Blue RWB Porsche 911 in question hasn’t been installed with the firm’s trademark towering rear wing and has instead been fitted with a far simpler ducktail spoiler.

RWB Porsche 911 i

As for the second car, it does feature the RWB rear wing as well as the obligatory flared front and rear wheels arches, bold carbon fibre front canards, an aggressive splitter and bright blue aftermarket wheels!\


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