Mercedes-Benz could create Audi Allroad rivals

Mercedes-Benz has revealed that it is considering launching models to tackle Audi’s range of Allroad crossovers.

While recently speaking with Motoring, vice president sales functions Mercedes-Benz cars and product management at Mercedes-Benz, Matthias Luhrs revealed that the German marque is investigating rivals to the Audi A4 Allroad and A6 Allroad based around the C-Class and E-Class estates.

“We are looking at every single niche, so we are studying this [Allroad] at the moment, but it is not confirmed. We are looking obviously at C-class and E-class, but no confirmation at the moment.”

If Mercedes-Benz were to launch more rugged variations of the C-Class and E-Class estates, they would have to prove popular in the Southern Hemisphere as well as Italy and Europe where Audi’s Allroad models sell well.

“You go to say the southern hemisphere there is more acceptance of Allroad-style vehicles because you are a little bit higher, they are a little bit more robust, there is more of a country feeling. But Germany and northern Europe; no. In the US, no matter how long, short, high or thing they don’t like station wagons.”

[Via Motoring]


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