Jaguar F-Type Bloodhound SSC Test

Jaguar has released a video chronicling their test of the parachute system that is to be used on the Bloodhound SSC world land speed record car.

In order to test the parachute system, Jaguar used a specially modified version of the F-Type R Coupe at the former Bentwaters RAF airbase. The test car was piloted by none other than Bloodhound SSC pilot himself, Andy Green.


“Being able to validate the parachute systems in a safe and controlled manner using a high performance Jaguar F-Type sports car gives great confidence to both me and Bloodhound’s Engineering Team,” Green said.

The parachute will be used to slow the Bloodhound SSC dyring its world record speed run. The run will see the Bloodhound attempt to reach a world record speed of 1600 km/h. During the test, the F-Type cruised to a speed of 300 km/h before successfully deploying the parachutes.

The parachute system, when deployed, will create a drag force equal to one tonne.


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