Crazy 2400hp Chevrolet Corvette on the streets

Nothing says power and automotive insanity quite like a twin-turbocharged Chevrolet Corvette. Just like its American cousin, the Ford GT, the Corvette is particularly popular to turbocharge and add boost to. The following example with two turbochargers is undeniably one of the worlds most insane and rather incredibly, it can be driven on the street!


The following clip shows this absolutely crazy supercar delivering no less than 2400 hp on the street where it proceeds to almost crash due to the limitless amounts of horsepower and torque. Towards the end of the video, one quick burst of acceleration alongside a 1300 hp Nissan GT-R lights up the rear wheels in plumes of smoke before sending it slightly sideways and spearing across two lanes!

Certainly not your ideal daily driver then.

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