Audi R8 crashes in the UK

A white Audi R8 V8 has been crashed and badly damaged in Sutton Coldfield in the UK after smashing into a brick house.

According to reports, the crash occurred at around 5 in the morning with the German supercar rocketing into a house owned by a couple in their 70s. The crash saw the Audi R8 make contact with the house’s front entrance way causing extensive damage to the brickwork. The car then continued through part of the wooden fence before coming to a stop of the footpath.

Behind the wheel of the R8 was a 19-year-old male while a female was in the passenger seat. Immediately following the crash, it is reported that the driver and passenger left the scene. However, the driver later returned and was charged by local police for driving without insurance, driving drunk as well as aggravated vehicle taking. It remains to be seen who owns the R8.

The damage sustained to the car seems fairly comprehensive but is likely repairable. The front bumper and grille have both been damaged as have the headlights. Additionally, the tailgate, doors and side skirts have come off worse for wear.

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