Nissan GT-R crashes in Trinidad and Tobago

A bright blue Nissan GT-R has been destroyed in a high speed crash in Trinidad and Tobago after it was crashed by a mechanic last weekend.

The car belongs to the son of local businessman Imitiaz Edoo and reportedly cost the equivalent of $1 million in the Caribbean nation. It has been in the Edoo family for five years with Imitiaz Edoo saying “When we heard, we were so shocked. We just sent it in for a routine service and now it’s destroyed.

“I spoke to him [the mechanic] and he said he will go down to the station. He said he will pay us for the car but that will take years and years. There is nothing to salvage, we have to suffer now because of someone else’s carelessness,” Edoo said.


According to witnesses, the Japanese sports car was seen speeding through the local streets before rolling and coming to a stop in the ditch.

As the image above shows, the car has been completely wrecked with the entire front end either missing or extensively damaged. Additionally, the cabin has been crushed while the windscreen has been broken.

[Via Guardian]


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