Lamborghini Huracan J Roadster Comes to Life

While it’s been 18 months since the Lamborghini Huracan was initially unveiled, the only variant released so far is the entry-level Huracan coupe. Knowing Lamborghini however, it is assured that a multitude of variants will be offered in the coming years with a number of one-off production cars and concepts also possible.

Certainly one of the most notable bespoke Lamborghinis created in recent years is the Aventador J. Taking inspiration from that car, Jon Sibal has rendered how a custom Lamborghini Huracan J could look. Complete in matte black with tightly spoked chrome wheels, an open cabin design, two tiny wind deflectors and some prominent buttresses, it would certainly be fit for a starring role in the new Star Wars film with a Stormtrooper behind the wheel!

[Via Jonsibal]

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