An image has emerged showing the half-digital and half-analog instrument panel of the next-generation BMW 7-Series set to arrive at the IAA Frankfurt Auto Show 2015 this coming September.

Unlike the current generation Mercedes-Benz S-Class which the new 7-Series will aim to rival, the latest BMW 7-Series doesn’t feature a completely digital dashboard. As a matter of fact, the dash combines digital and analog elements in a way not previously seen before.

As the following image shows, the gauge cluster includes two connected, prominent circular digital readouts. The speedometer is then analog up until 210 km/h where it transitions into the digital segment through to 260 km/h. It is the same story with the tachometer with the digital dash handling from 0 rpm through to about 1400 rpm before the analog rev counter takes over.

Beyond the new instrument panel, the 2016 BMW 7-Series will feature an entirely new fascia alongside redesigned headlights which can be ordered with BMW’s new laserlight technology. The side lines will also be heavily revised while at the rear, sleek new taillights will be featured alongside a prominent chrome accent and slimlined chrome tailpipes.

Beyond the styling changes, we know that the 2016 BMW 7-Series will adopt a new chassis combining both aluminium and carbon fibre and could weigh 204 kg less than the outgoing platform. Additionally, recent rumours have suggested that the next-generation BMW 7-Series will adopt the German marque’s new range of inline six-cylinder engines as part of BMWs new modular engine architecture.

[Via Bimmer Today]

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