Not long after it emerged that Aston Martin filed a lawsuit against Henrik Fisker, it has been announced that the two have come to a compromise with the lawsuit set to be withdrawn.

As part of the agreement, it has been announced that Henrik Fisker will no long produce his Aston Martin Vanquish based ‘Thunderbolt’ sports car as originally planned. Additionally, the joint statement made by the two confirms that no further comments will be given regarding the lawsuit and that the parties “have amicably resolves [the] matters, as well as any attendant misunderstandings”.

During the initial lawsuit, Aston Martin said that it had “filed a lawsuit in the state of California to protect its valuable trademarks, designs and intellectual property rights.” The statement continued by saying, “This lawsuit centres on Henrik Fisker’s creation and promotion of automobiles that Aston Martin contends infringes Aston Martin’s rights, by an improper and unauthorised attempt to exploit and free-ride off them. Aston Martin regards such conduct as wholly unacceptable and reserves all rights available at law to challenge it.”

Key design elements of the Thunderbolt which Aston Martin brought into question included the front grille, side vents as well as a similar company logo employed by the Thunderbolt.


“On March 26, 2015, Aston Martin filed a lawsuit against Henrik Fisker and other parties alleging various infringements by “Project Thunderbolt” of Aston Martin’s intellectual property rights.

The parties are pleased to report that they have been able to swiftly and amicably resolve their differences.

The terms of the resolution are confidential except that the Parties wish to confirm 3 points:

1. Henrik Fisker has decided that “Project Thunderbolt” will not be produced;

2. Aston Martin will withdraw the lawsuit; and

3. In view of some apparent misunderstandings surrounding reports of the case, the Parties wish to expressly confirm that the contentions made by AML were those, and only those, made in the lawsuit. The Parties confirm that that they have amicably resolved those matters, as well as any attendant misunderstandings.

The Parties will not be commenting further.”

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