A 2016 BMW 7-Series prototype has crashed into a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter police van in Stuttgart, Germany.

It isn’t very often that test mules of upcoming models are involved in crashes but local media reports that the 7-Series prototype driver failed to notice the police van which had its lights and sirens on. The impact happened when the two collided through an intersection with the contact forceful enough to flip the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter onto its side.

All three police officers inside the van as well as the BMW 7-Series test driver suffered minor injuries in the crash.

By comparison, the Sprinter has been comprehensively totalled as a result of the impact while the 7-Series prototype was swiftly covered up following the impact. However pictures from the scene show that it has sustained serious damage to the front end inevitably contributing massively to the estimated 150,000 euro damage bill from the crash.

As an aside, it is quite surprising that BMW is continuing to test the 7-Series under heavy camouflage considering images of completely undisguised test mules emerged late last year revealing the new car’s completed design.

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