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Video: Ferocious Nascar Powered Lexus LFA Drifter Testing


Back in January, we reported on a Lexus LFA drift car being created in Japan fitted with a NASCAR derived V8 engine. Now the first video of the car being tested has emerged and as you’d expect, this widebody LFA drifter is just as gnarly as you’d expect!


This Lexus LFA drift car has been created by Yoichi Imamura and while it remains to be seen how much power the TRD V8 engine delivers, a figure approaching 1000 hp would not be at all surprising. Alongside the new engine, this LFA has been installed with a large gooseneck rear wing as well as flared wheels arches both front and rear.

It is quite interesting why a NASCAR engine has been installed in favour of the high-revving 4.8-litre V10 the car came installed with from the factory. One can presume however that Imamura wanted an engine with more low-end torque to help kick out the Japanese supercar’s tail at almost any speed and in any gear. As the following video shows, it seems to have done the trick!



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