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PUR Wheels Ferrari 458 Speciale in the Sunset


While the Ferrari 488 GTB was recently introduced as the replacement to the Ferrari 458 Italia, the hardcore Ferrari 458 Speciale will long be remembered as the final naturally-aspirated V8 powered Ferrari coupe. As a result, it is bound to become a collector’s car in the future which makes each and every unit produced more special now than ever before.

The crew at GT Auto Concepts recently got their hands on a Ferrari 458 Speciale and in order to make it stand out, a set of PUR Wheels were installed. These particular wheels are the PUR RS10’s and they measure 21×9 at the front as well as 22×12 at the rear. While many high-end aftermarket wheels fitted to supercars are often dark coloured, these are finished in ‘Gloss Brilliant Silver’ and definitely complement the lines of the 458 Speciale well.

As a reminder, the Ferrari 458 Speciale features a modified variant of the regular 458 Italia’s 4.5-liter V8 engine. In Speciale guise, it delivers a total of 597 hp and 398 lb-ft of torque. What’s more, Ferrari claims that thanks to it delivering 133 hp per litre, it has the highest ever per litre output of a road-going naturally aspirated engine. Maximum power is achieved at 9000 rpm while max torque is reached at 6000 rpm.



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