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3D Design Tweaks Blue BMW F80 M3

3D Design BMW M3

3D Design BMW M3

3D Design are absolute experts when it comes to providing subtle yet eye-catching design elements for a range of sports cars particularly BMWs. The latest F80-generation BMW M3 to be outfitted with a selection of 3D Design components is proof of this.

3D Design BMW M3

The following M3 is now wearing an eye-catching carbon fibre front splitter which although just a single piece, provides some added flair to the German sports car. Additionally, some carbon fibre side skirts have been installed alongside a set of black 3D Design five-spoke alloy wheels. Final visual modifications include a carbon fibre bootlid lip spoiler, carbon rear diffuser and tinted taillights.

As a reminder, both the new M3 sedan and M4 coupe are fitted with a twin-turbocharged six-cylinder engine revving to 7,600 rpm and producing an impressive 431 hp between 5,390 rpm and 7,000 rpm and 406 lb-ft of torque from a low 1,800 rpm to 5,390rpm. That torque figure is available across a broad rev range and is an improvement over the outgoing BMW E92 M3 of 40 per cent.



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