New BMW X7 spy shots have emerged with a prototype snapped during the midst of cold weather testing disguised as the current range-topping BMW 7-Series.

This isn’t the first time the German firm’s impending seven-seat SUV has been spied wearing the skin of the 7-Series. The key indication that it could indeed be the BMW X7 is that it has been installed with a plethora of heavy weights designed to simulate the increased mass of the X7 over the 7-Series and how the extra weight will impact on the vehicle’s dynamics.

It is particularly noteworthy that BMW is testing the X7 within the shell of the next-generation 7-Series as it all but confirms that the two cars will share the same platform.

It is hoped that the X7 will prove exceptionally popular in the US, China and Russia and will inevitably be over 5 metres in length. As with all other BMW X models, the X7 will be available with a host of engines many of which will be borrowed from in-house. For example, it is very likely that one variant of the upcoming BMW X7 will utilise the 3.0-liter tri-turbocharged engine diesel like the current M50d delivering 381 hp and an impressive 545 lb-ft of torque.

Further down the road, we can also expect to see BMW’s current range-topping 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 also made available in M specification.

[Via World Car Fans]


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