Ferrari F430 Catches Fire During Rush Hour in Malaysia

A bright red Ferrari F430 has gone up in flames during peak hour in Kuala Lumpur.

Details about the incident remain sketchy but it is believed that local fire authorities were notified about the raging inferno at about 6 pm in the evening. By the time fire crews arrived at 6:17 pm, the entire Italian supercar was engulfed in flames and well beyond repair.

The exact cause of the fire isn’t known but it inevitably started in the engine bay possibly due to a fuel leak or it could have overheated. Interestingly, local media isn’t reporting on whether the driver or any possible passengers were injured in the fire.

Ferrari F430 Catches Fire During Rush Hour in Malaysia

As you probably know, Ferrari just unveiled its latest mid-engined supercar with the release of the Ferrari 488 GTB. It acts as the successor to the mighty Ferrari 458 Italia which of course replaced the Ferrari F430.

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