Video: Nissan GT-R HKS GT800 vs Porsche 991 Turbo

Delivering a total of 520 hp, the Porsche 911 Turbo manages to be one of the quickest accelerating cars in the world. It is very evenly matched by the slightly more powerful Nissan GT-R however and the following clip shows how a stock 911 Turbo performs against a heavily modified GT-R.


The Nissan GT-R featured in this video comes courtesy of HKS and is their GT800 package. As the name suggests, it delivers 800 hp which is over 250 hp more than the Japanese supercar delivers as standard.

As the following video shows, the much less powerful 911 Turbo actually proves to be just as fast as the 800 hp GT-R off the line. Once in third gear however, the GT-R begins to stretch its legs and opens up a large margin!

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