Ferrari 430 Scuderia

While the Ferrari 430 Scuderia was replaced by the Ferrari 458 Speciale late last year, the 4.3-litre V8 powered 430 still remains a favourite among supercar enthusiasts. Not only does it feature impressive styling, but it produces an exhaust note dramatically different from the 458 Speciale yet just as satisfying.


As if you needed any further proof of just how potent the 430 Scuderia is on track, the following clip shows a special black and red example on the famous Nurburgring Nordschleife in the heart of Germany.

In case you’d forgotten, the V8 of the Ferrari 430 Scuderia manages to pump out 503 hp and when combined with a 100 kg lower overall weight figure and a revised single-clutch transmission, the Scuderia is an entirely different beast to the ‘regular’ F430.

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