Lumma CLR R GT Evo

LUMMA Design has revealed another bold car body styling kit for the current type LG Range Rover following successful conversion kits CLR R, CLR SR and CLR RS for the Range Rover models.

With the new CLR R GT Evo body kit, the traditional refiners from Baden-Württemberg Winterlingen in Germany wrap the English high-level off-road vehicle into an extroverted broad construction outfit, once again supporting their claim to be the tuners with the probably largest aerodynamics range for Range Rover models.

They are far from having reached the end of their developments: this year’s expansion of the design department means a continuous increase in Swabian Winterlingen. The success speaks for itself and Horst Lumma once again has found the right moment to expand his SUV design programme.

The new CLR R GT Evo conversion kit starts at the front with the powerful LUMMA Design front bumper with cooling air inlets that look rather threatening from a small-car perspective, a central spoiler sword and double daylight driving lights placed far below in a modern fibre optic lighting technology.

Matching the look of the diamond-shaped bumper grids, the LUMMA Design sport front grille also fits Range Rover vehicles without the CLR-kit. The LUMMA Design technicians integrated ventilation openings into the full-carbon sport look bonnet that not only have a dynamic look but also help the high-performance Range Rover discharge motor heat.

Lumma CLR R GT Evo

The overtaking prestige is taken to its utmost by the wheelarch widening set with door attachments and integrated air inlets, making the LUMMA CLR R GT Evo appear as massive as a wall of cabinets and as muscular as a heavy-weight body-builder in the rear view mirror.

The “white giant” appears no less impressive from the rear: here, the CLR R GT Evo has a roof edge spoiler in addition to a rear apron bumper with diffuser, as well as an unobtrusive rear spoiler lip. The two latter parts also match the Range Rover without the LUMMA Design body kit.

The three glossy 100 millimetre tail pipes of the LUMMA Design sport end exhaust system also appear quite warlike, aligned centrally below the rear of the vehicle and emitting a sonorous sound – no matter whether there’s a petrol or a diesel engine under the bonnet.

True highlights are also the brand-new LUMMA Design CLR Racing sport rims, which fit the Range Rover models with the LUMMA conversion kit perfectly in 12×22 inches with Vredestein tyres in 305/35R22. Vehicles without the conversion kit look perfect in the slightly “smaller” size 10×22 inches with 295/35R22 Yokohama tyres.

Lumma CLR R GT Evo

In both sizes, the CLR Racing look, characterised by particularly deep concave curving and an extravagant spokes shape, also brings along a new surface look. The polished front is produced in a special paint/powder procedure and appears in black smoke at closer observation, that is, as darkened transparent varnish that makes the front-polished surfaces stand out only at second glance.

At a maximum wheel load of a powerful 1,000 kg, the new LUMMA CLR Racing rim is also suitable for installation on heavy SUVs for which nothing matching could be found before.

Of course, LUMMA Design also takes care of the styling of the refined Range Rover passenger space: in addition to door blinds with integrated LUMMA coat of arms logo, the offer ranges from a high-quality aluminium pedal sets with slip-proof rubber tabs and leather-faced fitted foot mats to complete full leather equipment and state-of-the-art multimedia and business installations.

Standing by the motto “Everything goes!”, the LUMMA designers and technicians turn (nearly) any customer wish into practice.

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