Larger Jaguar XK Replacement Coming for 2017

Production of the classic Jaguar XK sports car ended earlier in the year largely due to the rising popularity of the Jaguar F-Type. While the F-Type may have taken the crown as Jaguar’s premiere sports car, the XK could be rebirthed as a more GT-oriented model according to new reports.

While recently speaking with Autocar, XK project leader Russ Varney for Jaguar said, “The heart of Jaguar is in sports cars, and that is why we will now regard the F-type as the halo product for all that we do. However, I don’t think that means the XK is dead necessarily.

“The car straddled the GT and sports car segment, with more of an emphasis on the GT side but probably not enough of an emphasis on the GT side. There is no reason the XK couldn’t exist today as a true contender in that GT segment.

“We have plans to do lots more with the F-type, and we expect it to cover a lot of bases, but there will still be other areas we want to cover. We need to find the right way to deliver on them, and the XK could be one way of doing that,” Varney said.

[Via Autocar]

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