What is the perfect amount of horsepower for a true sports car? Of course, there is no objective answer to that question as everyone will have a different opinion. Some will say that the 200 hp from the Toyota GT86 is enough while others will say anything short of 1000 hp isn’t enough.


One car which everyone can agree on as being a truly exceptional sports car is certainly the 991-generation Porsche 911. Its 3.8-litre naturally-aspirated six-cylinder engine delivers a total of 475 hp and while that is about 100 hp less than the Ferrari 458 Italia, the latest GT3 still provides an incredibly visceral driving experience and can put a smile on the face of any automotive enthusiast.

The following video shows just how much fun can be had in the new 911 and even though a manual transmission is no longer available, it still keeps the driver on his toes!

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