Official: 2015 Mustang RTR

The blue oval had to do something to trump Chevrolet and their Hellcat models… Today at SEMA 2014, Ford announced the 2015 Ford Mustang RTR, an extreme performance version of their latest generation pony car. Of course, Ford would never officially announce a 725 hp version of its Mustang quite so quickly after launch, much less at a tuning trade show. Therefore, the Ford Mustang RTR is released under the Mustang RTR project, said to be the brainchild of world drift champion Vaughn Gittin Jr.

There really is little difference though since you can order an RTR Mustang in Ford dealerships worldwide. An optional Spec 1 package, will focus on appearance modifications, with a Spec 2 package, offering the substantial performance upgrade. The headline is of course the 725 hp version, however, all versions will receive a range of optional upgrade packages.

The visual upgrades include two different chin spoiler designs, a rear spoiler, a rear diffuser, rocker splitters, plus upper and lower grilles. Spec 2 performance upgrades include adjustable dampers, adjustable sway bars, lowering springs, Magnaflow exhaust system, an optional supercharger and an RTR cold air intake system.

Official: 2015 Mustang RTR

The top of the range 5.0-litre supercharged V8 Ford Mustang gets a lofty power increase from 435 hp to an impressive 725 hp. Enough to give the Hellcat a run for its money!

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