Mercedes-Benz has just announced that it is set to buy a 25 per cent stake in Italian motorcycle manufacturer MV Agusta.

While specific details about the deal remain unclear, Mercedes-Benz will take a seat in MV Agusta’s board of directors as part of the long-term deal. Interestingly, Mercedes-Benz is no stranger when it comes to cooperation’s with motorcycle makers after buying into Ducati back in 2010 before Audi took control two years later.

Discussing the deal, chief executive of Mercedes-AMG Tobias Moers said, “In MV Agusta, we have found the perfect two-wheel partner for Mercedes-AMG. This manufacturer with a long tradition and Mercedes-AMG are connected not only by a long and successful racing history, but also by shared values and goals for the future – allowing the experience of utmost perfection, optimal performance and motorsport technology for the road. The cooperation with MV Agusta also underscores the importance of AMG as the sports-car and high-performance brand of Mercedes-Benz Cars. The partnership provides us with an entry into a world of additional high-performance enthusiasts.”

According to the president and chief executive of MV Agusta Giovanni Castiglioni, “MV Agusta and Mercedes-AMG are a perfect brand fit: Two complementary companies that stand for design, high performance and excellence. Mercedes-AMG will help MV Agusta to further expand globally and to accelerate our growth. The uniqueness of MV Agusta will further enhance Mercedes-AMG’s leadership in the high-performance segment.”


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