It wasn’t an ordinary Sunday, it was a monumental Sunday. It all began with the Jaguar F-Type Coupé. Jaguar provided us with the most beautiful looking and sounding car of the moment. On a crisp Autumn morning we drove off to Rotterdam. It was pleasantly warm for the time of the year and coteries of people were enjoying the last sunshine of the year, sauntering through the parks and quiet streets. After an hour driving we arrive in a quiet close just outside the centre of Rotterdam. You would never expect it but somewhere under the quaint town houses was a garage big enough for at least four rather special cars. One of the gates creaked open and we drove under a white garage door. It was pretty tight so we took it easy, with baited breath we creeped further and further in. When the bright lights shifted into an artificial glow we saw them… We were looking down upon a trio of Bugatti Veyrons. You may have already have guessed where we are. We were invited into the garage of Dutchbugs, a Dutch man who owns three Veyrons. The 2007 Veyron 16.4, a Veyron Grand Sport and the 1 of 8 Vitesse World Record Edition. We almost missed the Rolls Royce Ghost which was parked next to the ramp on a higher spot in the garage. We also spotted some Porsche 918 Spyder paraphernalia. We knew this was hint as to what is to come next in this superb collection.

A photoshoot was planned but our F-Type Coupé looked a mess having spat mud on its panels and pleaded guilty to dozens of insect murders. We treated the big cat to a cheeky hand wash in front of the three Bugatti’s. After the wash and some petrol head smalltalk, more enthusiasts arrived. The guys from JD Customs and Instagram lifestyle bloggers Patchstyle and The GoodLife Inc. joined us as we decide to head into the centre of Rotterdam for the photoshoot location. Dutchbugs opted for what he calls the perfect Monaco car while he jumped into the Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport.

The million dollar Bug and an aggressive cat could not make a move without stealing all of the attention. The people of Rotterdam did not expect to witness such a sight. After 20 minutes we arrived at the quay of the Meuse. In the background was the Erasmus bridge. The bridge is iconic for Rotterdam and the centre of many spectacles such as Red Bull Air Races, Rotterdam City Racing, the start of The Tour de France 2010 and today as a back drop for our own spectacle!

After we placed the cars for the photoshoot setting we start taking photos. Patchstyle and The GoodLife Inc. brought along some lifestyle accessories. BALR., a luxurious fashion label founded by football players was one of the sponsors. The GoodLife Inc. brought the latest BALR. travel products. These bags seem to have been made out of a soccer ball which give them an unique look. Next to bags, the collection included caps, t-shirts and accessories like leather card holders.

Next to the BALR. products the lifestyle bloggers had some of the finest watches with them. Including a Rolex ref. 16613, an amazing looking Dietrich OT-2, two Schroëder watches and a stunning Bomberg. The combination of the black Jaguar F-Type Coupe and the white Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport fitted the scene perfectly. The Jaguar brought class while the Bugatti represented the ultimate luxury.

After a while, more and more people noticed the cars. It was a perfect afternoon for a walk by the river and it was getting busier and busier. People were taking pictures and discussing the cars. Most of them were not aware of how many F-Type’s you could be purchased for one Bugatti and that made it all the more interesting. The Bugatti, expectedly, received the most attention but everyone is positive about the Jaguar, its styling in particular. We were almost done with the photoshoot, then the BMW i8 from the guys of JD Customs joined the party. It is probably one of the most interesting car trio’s we have ever seen together. The hypercar, the sportscar and the future of automotive at one spot.

It was time to hit the road again. The Veyron up front, the F-Type in the middle and the i8 closing the pack. In front of us was an empty Erasmus bridge with crowds of people walking to our left and right. The relatively quiet Veyron launched, the F-Type and i8 started the short sprint in a pitiful attempt to keep up. The sound of the F-Type was certainly the best of the three while the Veyron sounds like an airplane taking off and the BMW i8 doesn’t disappoint either. The minds of those lucky enough to witness such an event must have been blown seeing such extraordinary cars accelerating hard! For us a certain highlight of the day!

We finished the photoshoot in a quiet park and waved goodbye to what was one of the most special days we have even been blessed enough to experience. We would like to thank Dutchbugs, The Goodlife Inc., Patchstyle and JD Customs for the wonderful day. We look forward to working with you all again in the future. Stay tuned for the Jaguar F-Type Coupe review!

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  1. I see the “Haves” are enjoying themselves.

    As for the “Have Not’s” …we are not impressed. Seems to be a widening gap between the two remaining classes in Holland. This country has joined the other ‘free world’ countries in that department.


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