Lamborghini Teases New Four-Dour Car Ahead of Paris

Lamborghini has just released a very intriguing teaser image of a brand new model it is set to debut at the upcoming Paris Motor Show 2014 on October 2.

The teaser image provides an outlined silhouette of the car with the words ‘Once perfection is achieved, you can just double it’. Now our guess is just as good as yours as to what that means but based on the overall shape of the car teased, the Italian marque could be preparing to launch an extremely sleek fastback four-door in a similar vein to the original Lamborghini Espada.

Lamborghini_Espada 400GTE

If this is true, then it is a real surprise. After all, Lamborghini definitively ruled out the original Estoque concept for production a couple of years ago and has instead opted to launch a highly-exclusive luxury SUV by 2016.

We’ve learnt from past experience that simple drawn silhouette teaser images like this one can be quite deceiving at times with them often accentuating the lines of the real car in question. With that being said, Lamborghini very rarely releases cryptic teasers like this one unless it has something big in store.

For those that didn’t know, the original Lamborghini Espada grand tourer was produced from 1968 through to 1978. Fitted with a large 4.0-litre V12 engine at the front, disc brakes at all four corners and independent suspension, the Espada became the firm’s most successful model at the time.

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  1. A couple months ago the Lamborghiny future plans become public and this was part of them:

    A few months later, at Geneva 2013, the Italian sports car maker is
    planning to show a roomier and slightly softer-edged Aventador GT. This
    top-secret new coupe may feature an extended wheelbase, two small rear
    jump seats, and a different door concept, probably with short rear
    suicide panels. Details are still sketchy, but it is clear that a GT
    would have to be shaped less aggressively than the mid-engine two-seater
    it’s based on. At this point, it’s unclear whether and when the GT will
    evolve from show car to production model. It’s not a question of
    feasibility but more of an investment and marketing issue.


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