Tesla Model X Likely to Outsell Model S

It has emerged that more than 20,000 orders for the upcoming Tesla Model X electric SUV have been placed ahead of the car’s launch early next year.

Due to the ever-increasing number of pre-orders, Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk confirmed that interested Model X buyers are trying to be convinced to buy the existing Model S.

“There are no cars available for a test drive. There is no information about the cars in our stores because we’re only selling the S. In fact, if somebody comes in who wants to buy the X, we try to convince them to buy the S.

“So we anti-sell it. And we don’t really provide all that much information or details about the car or provide [indiscernible] on when you can get it. Despite all that, there’s huge demand from around the world for the X. We can drive demand up at will.

“But if we drive it up too much, then people would get upset with us because they waited too long for their car . . . [W]hen I was visiting in China, the only unhappiness I saw was . . . because customers were upset about waiting too long for their car. So it’s like, boy, we better not stoke demand in that situation,” he said.

Previously it was confirmed that the road-going Model X will utilise the unique falcon doors which debuted on the concept car. Furthermore, the Tesla Model X will be available with a third-row of seating with an all-wheel drive system being standard. Finally, the second and the optional third row will fold flat for extra luggage space.

Of course, launching the Tesla Model X is not by far the only thing on the manufacturer’s agenda at the moment. As we speak, development of the entry-level, third-gen Tesla sedan is also in the works, as is the continued supercharger network rollout across the United States, Europe and China. What’s more, the company is also working on producing a new gigafactory to produce lithium ion batteries in quantities never seen before.

[Via Car and Driver]

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