Ducati Style Jetski with Twin Ducati 1098 Engine

Design company Zolland Design AB has just rendered its own interpretation of a possible Ducati 1098 inspired and powered jet ski which if it came to fruition, would quite possibly become the world’s fastest jet ski. That crown is currently held by the Kawasaki Ultra 310 R which features a supercharged 1498 cc engine with four cylinders. As the name suggests, it produces 310 hp.

Ducati Style Jetski with Twin Ducati 1098 Engine

The following jet ski however, is powered by two engines from the Ducati 1098. On their own, these 1099cc four-cylinder engines deliver 160 hp and 90.4 lb-ft of torque so with two combined, you’d have a mighty 320 hp and 180.8 lb-ft of torque.

Ducati Style Jetski with Twin Ducati 1098 Engine

From a design standpoint, Zolland Design AB has taken inspiration from the sport bike scene.

What are your thoughts on this jet ski?


  1. Meh… who cares about another couch on the water that can go fast in a straight line… We need new stand ups and waveblaster 1 types of skis. =) Also the words fastest ski is the HSR Benelli Series-R Race Edition. This jet ski combines performance,
    handling and style. It is often referred to as the Ducati of the jet ski
    world. It has a 2,260 cc, V6 four-stroke engine capable of producing up
    to 342 horsepower. This was made by combining two 1130 cc in-line
    three-cylinder engines that were lifted from HSR Benelli’s other model,
    the Tornado 1130 Superbike. It is equipped with a dashboard with
    integrated RFID function. It also has adjustable sponsons and a
    hydraulic trim. Even the color evokes the color of Ducati as it has red,
    silver, carbon and black trims. It can carry up to three people with a
    total unladen weight of 328 kilograms. This is one of the most exclusive
    personal watercraft in the planet today.

    • Never seen one in the usa, and you cant buy one here. so none of this means anything. they keep blowing up motors, unless of course you have video proof to show us all otherwise.


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