Official: Peugeot Exalt Concept Car

Prior to the Paris Motor Show 2014 next month, Peugeot has revealed its special Exalt Concept Car complete with a hybrid powertrain as well as bold and futuristic styling.

Continuing on from the Peugeot Onyx Concept from back in 2012, the Exalt Concept Car features a petrol-electric hybrid drivetrain delivering a combined 340 hp. This drivetrain consists of a 1.6-litre turbocharged engine produced by Peugeot Sport delivering an impressive 270 hp which equals almost 170 hp per litre! Joining the small internal combustion engine is an electric motor which also recharges the battery through an energy-recovery braking system. Power is sent through all four wheels with the Peugeot Exalt Concept Car tipping the scales at 1700 kg.

Discussing the design of the Exalt, the car’s styling manager, Pierri Paul Mattei said, “The Peugeot Exalt is athletic, powerful and sleek, sporting an array of original materials. Its cabin, trimmed in natural materials, is dedicated to comfort and instinctive driving. This innovative concept makes the saloon even more attractive and more versatile, in particular the tailgate, with its unique opening mechanism and large boot.”

Official: Peugeot Exalt Concept Car

Generally speaking, the Exalt features a low 1.31 metre high roof, a slim profile alongside large 20-inch wheels. The long bonnet grows out of a particularly expressive front end, where the twin headlamps, set into the bumper, integrate the brand’s recognisable signature lighting. In the middle, the distinctive grille emerges from the bodywork and provides the backdrop for the Peugeot Lion badge. At the bottom, the flow of air supplying the engine is divided by fins housing the LED indicators.

To improve the drag coefficient, the rear of Exalt is trimmed in ‘Shark Skin’, an efficient textile that draws on ‘bio-mimicry’ to create a technical grain structure that markedly improves the aerodynamic performance of the vehicle and reduces fuel consumption.

In the cabin, the Peugeot Exalt features the company’s ‘i-Cockpit’ which delivers an intense driving experience dedicated to enjoyment. The small steering wheel is trimmed in leather and chiné—a natural wool-based mixed fabric—and the digital instrument panel is intuitively arranged in front of the driver to improve operation and visibility.

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