Driving experiences give owners and enthusiasts the opportunity to get behind the wheels of some of the most desirable and exciting cars on sale and not many come as good the AMG Driving Experiences. This specific event was known as the AMG Emotion Tour and promised to incorporate some of Europe’s greatest driving roads with the latest and greatest AMG powered automobiles.

GTspirit were at the world famous St. Moritz Arts Masters, a show that is sponsored by Mercedes-Benz. The dates and location matched those of the 2014 St. Moritz AMG Emotion Tour and when we met up with the convoy to see what was what, we were left flabbergasted and starry eyed.

The tour started in the ancestral home of AMG – Affalterbach – where participants were treated to a comprehensive tour of the legendary factory. Under this roof everything from the modest A45s 4-cylinder to the masterpiece that is the V12 heart of the fearsome Pagani Huayra are assembled by hand from start to finish each by one engineer. The drive to St. Mortiz then commenced in the company of a team of AMG mechanics and technicians while the historical and flamboyant Swiss town doubled as the base location for the three-day tour. The second day took the cars into the majestic Oberengadine mountain roads which were complemented with views and corners that took participants breaths away.

We met with the convoy sleep deprived and hungry and were immediately woken up and had our hunger suppressed by the sight that met us on the cobblestones outside the world famous Badrutt’s Palace Hotel. Two uninterrupted lines of AMG models, all brilliantly clean and prepped for the spectacular drive ahead, greeted us. Eyes were immediately drawn to a trio of final edition SLS AMGs, two roadsters and a coupe. Our ogling was abruptly disturbed by the ignition of a beautiful Designo Magno Allanite matte grey E63 AMG S, making its presence known with the creamy burble of its extraordinary V8. It may be a comfortable saloon but the E63 AMG S certainly did not fade into the background amongst such illustrious company.

As the Swiss sun shone on the convoy, the lucky drivers jostled and jousted for seats in their favourite models. The line-up included a matte grey A45 AMG, GLA45 AMG, C63 507 Edition, CLS63 AMG S, SL63 the aforementioned SLS Final Editions and E63 AMG S. Such a strong line-up meant we would have been happy with a seat in any of the cars.

The cars pulled away from under the elongated pointy shadows of the 120-year-old hotel and into the dazzling sunshine accompanied by the sound of thirteen hand crafted AMG engines growling. Reality quickly dawned upon us, the sight we were witnessing from the sunroof of a humble GLA250 was nothing short of mind-blowing…and it was only going to get better.

The convoy slithered through the streets of St. Moritz turning heads and sending hands rushing for mobile phone like cowboys do for their guns. Even in a town littered with Ferrari 250 GTOs and Lamborghini Miuras, the AMGs in their matte finishes and exaggerated lines had bus drivers trying to catch a glance. The little A45, complete with its front canards and huge rear wing of the aero package, matte grey paint and AMG exhaust constantly crackled and banged on gear changes rudely howling ‘look at me!’ as crowds of designer brand clad pensioners sipped on their choco mocha lattes.

Traffic gradually eased and the narrow streets were left in our wake as we ascended into the hills above St. Moritz. As we joined Via da Guglia we reached almost 2,000 meters above sea-level, a thick blanket of cloud and fog descended onto the tarmac.

Ruby red fog lights swiveled and levitated in the grey abyss while the clunking cow bells and rumble of German V8s all combined to provide a sensory overload. Then as quickly as it appeared, the sunshine burnt through the precipitation and all was clear as the Julierpass bared its true beauty; hairpins, forests and smooth asphalt to the 13 cars that were built to entertain on such roads.

As the switchbacks, hairpins, twists and turns flowed from one to another, smiles grew and jaws dropped time and time again. As the cars stopped for driver swaps, it became profoundly clear that the title ‘Emotion Tour’ was perfectly fitting for the St. Mortiz tour. Drivers laughed and whooped as they recalled the ribbons of tarmac that they had just devoured in their dream machines. The roads, the cars and the views combined making this one of the best tours we have ever been lucky enough to gain an insight to. The tour continued on to Liechtenstein and onto Affalterbach.

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