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Wrecked Bugatti Veyron Sells for $277k

The wrecked Bugatti Veyron which went up for sale in Switzerland has sold for the equivalent of $277k in the U.S.

Back in April, the stunning black and blue Veyron crashed in Austria. The car was travelling along the A2 between Seebenstein and Grimmenstein in the direction of Graz and it is believed that the driver lost control of the French hypercar in the wet conditions.

As the images show, the damage sustained is quite extensive. For example, the front bumper, front quarter panels, side sills, doors and the floor are damaged quite severely. As a result, any attempt to rebuild the Veyron will be costly especially because individual replacement parts can cost as much as a small hatchback.

The car spun and crashed through a guard rail and fell about 40 metres down an embankment. Fortunately the driver walked away from the accident without any major injuries and the car automatically provided accurate GPS coordinates to the police and salvage crews! It took cranes and two fire department vehicles 1.5 hours to recover the car from its unfortunate position.

In total, 99 bids were placed in the online auction and the final sale price makes this easily the cheapest Bugatti Veyron ever sold. However, the insurance company behind the sale, Axa, estimates the repair cost between 600,000 and 700,000 euros ($792k – $924k).



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