Tesla Model X Likely to Outsell Model S

The Tesla Model X has yet to be revealed in production spec and it has already emerged that the all-electric SUV will ultimately outsell the existing Model S sedan. Financial firm Morgan Stanley is even more confident in the car and indicates it could also dominate the premium SUV market.

Morgan Stanley believes that the Tesla Model X will be so good for a number of reasons. First off, it points out that the Californian electric automaker has more money and resources for the Model X than it did when the Model S was originally launched. What’s more, development of the Model X has been ongoing for longer than the Model S and consequently, Morgan Stanley believes the Model X will be a better car all around with fewer bugs.

While Tesla has yet to price the Model X and won’t do so for quite some time, it is expected to cost 5-10 per cent more than the Model S.

While all of this sounds very promising, it has to be pointed out that Morgan Stanley owns stock in Tesla and has a large financial interest in the company.

[Via LA Times]

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