The Peninsula Hotels has officially landed in Europe with the opening of The Peninsula Paris hotel on August 1. Setting spectacular new standards in design, luxury and comfort, the century-old building has been thoroughly restored and modernised to cater for travellers from around the world.

Located at 19 Avenue Kleber, The Peninsula Paris is located just steps away from the famous Arc de Triomphe and is within walking distance of some of the world’s most famous monuments, museums and luxury shopping districts.

The building originally opened in 1908 as a luxurious hotel in Paris. Through its renovations, it has 200 luxurious rooms including 34 large suites. Restoring the building took some six years.

The Peninsula Hotels dates way back to 1866 and has been one of the world’s best hospitality brands with staple features of the company like the Peninsula afternoon tea served in the lobby, the pageboys, the Chinese door lion statues as well as the distinctive Rolls-Royce fleet featuring at The Peninsula Paris.

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