Gumpert Apollo Replica in China

Gumpert may be a company on the edge of solvency these days, yet this video proves just how popular their cars still are. Especially in China. This particular individual decided that he wanted a piece of the action. The result is actually pretty impressive, if of course you look past the shabby exterior.

Forget the fact that the track is too narrow, and that the proportions are pretty wrong. The interior isn’t quite right (it does in fact look as though the builder has raided Volkswagen Group’s spare parts bin), the performance is undoubtedly less impressive than the real thing and the exterior looks incredibly shabby.

It certainly isn’t the worst replica we’ve seen though, and that is reason enough to be impressed. The doors rise like those of the original, the noise sounds vaguely sporting and the car actually drives through the streets.

It is of course overkill in the true sense of the word. Despite the carbon fibre trim, we notice that the dash doesn’t feature and dials so there is no telling how fast you are driving. It also seems as though there is limited headroom as the driver prefers driving with the door up.

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