The Results Are In...The LaFerrari is Exceptional!

After almost 14 months of waiting since its reveal at last year’s Geneva Motor Show, the results are in for the LaFerrari and the general consensus in the first reviews is that it is not only a suitable Enzo successor, but a truly exceptional all-round hypercar.

Of course this shouldn’t come as a big surprise. With a brutal 6.3-liter V12 engine mated to an advanced HY-KERS system, the LaFerrari delivers a brutal 950 hp and 715 lb-ft of torque. Combine this with a claimed dry kerb weight of just 1255 kg and on paper, you have the makings of an astonishing car. However, the LaFerrari isn’t alone in this new emerging hybrid hypercar industry as customer deliveries have also begun of the McLaren P1 and the Porsche 918 Spyder is following soon.

According to Evo Magazine’s Richard Meaden in their LaFerrari review: “the silky steering response that made the road driving so enjoyable also feels perfect on track… when the tail begins to slide, your corrective inputs are just as natural and measured, to the point where you can forget the value of the car and drive it purely on feel.”

LaFerrari Reviews

Likewise, Steve Sutcliffe from Autocar, one of just a few to have driven all three, is thoroughly impressed by the LaFerrari continually praising the throttle response of the hypercar, the brake feel, the “ear-splitting” engine roar and interestingly, the ride quality on harsh public roads.


Car Magazine‘s LaFerrari Review echoes these sentiments by saying that it “turns out to be as manageable as its 458 baby brother,” and calling it a “work of genius”

The biggest thrill understandably comes once the throttle pedal is depressed. Top Gear’s Charlie Turner says, “Forget all you know about fast: this is a whole new stratosphere of performance, a relentless accumulation of speed accompanied by the greatest automotive soundtrack in the world. You don’t so much accelerate in LaFerrari as warp scenery. As the V12 screams its way to the 9250rpm redline, the Italian countryside is hauled back and fired out of the rearview mirror.”


But what you really want to know is how the LaFerrari compares to the McLaren P1 and Porsche 918 Spyder? Well, a definitive answer can’t really be given until comparison reviews are organised. However, in the braking department and brake feel, the P1 and LaFerrari are definitely better than the 918. But thanks to the 918’s all-wheel drive system, it can “trim any unwanted mid corner understeer” according to Sutcliffe in his LaFerrari review.

Everyone’s favourite auto journalist, Chris Harris also had the opportunity to sample the LaFerrari with Road & Track. Here’s just a small snippet of what he had to say, “Throttle response is, well, electric! I’ve always wanted to say that in the literal sense. Urge is instant and entirely predictable on the throttle input. It just goes from 1500 rpm and keeps pulling, building to 9000 rpm, all the while leaving a rooster of V12 shriek that must be one of the finest noises ever created. This feels profoundly faster than the F12. Traction is superb, and the traction control allows decent slip angles without jagged throttle cuts.”

Check back regularly as we add more reviews here and stay tuned for the GTspirit Review of the LaFerrari!



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