BMW Vision Future Luxury Concept

The BMW Vision Future Luxury has been officially unveiled ahead of the Beijing Motor Show 2014. BMW are billing this concept as a “long-term outlook on the perception of modern luxury” which we take to mean, a sneak preview into upcoming BMW models!

The BMW Vision Future Luxury Concept gets a coupé-style roofline and sloping boot lid. There is an “Air Breather system” at the rear of the front wheel arch, a C-pillar with internal air channelling, and openings in the rear apron which vent air from the wheel arches all of which aid the aerodynamic efficiency.

The BMW Vision Future Luxury Concept features a long wheelbase, short overhangs and a hand-sculpted design. The paintwork is Liquid Platinum Bronze. This is the first BMW to feature LED rear lighting. At the front, this concept uses BMW’s brand new Laserlight technology.

The BMW Vision Future Luxury has been designed using the design principle of subtractive modelling. Basically, this principle is akin to layering, whereby the car uses an initial base layer of fine carbon fabric followed by a functional level featuring user interface components, control and display interfaces and lighting functions. The next level is structural, load-bearing layer of aluminium for additional strength and finally, the top layers comprise wood, then leather, to create a warm and comfortable ambience.

We think each of these levels are to be taken as a solid with an individual layer placed on top of it and a subtraction made to accommodate the top layer. Take for example the doors which show the carbon base layer with the various other layers built on top. The carbon construction of the B-pillars for example allows the seat frames to be integrated into the load-bearing structure. Similarly, the connections to the door sills and centre console are load-bearing which means only a very small and unobtrusive B-pillar is required. This also allows extra wide-opening coach doors.

The interior is a big part of the news. The driver is surrounded by a wrap-around cluster of three displays at a glance, the instrument panel styling appears to carry over into the displays themselves. The left-hand display shows vehicle-related information, while in the centre a programmable cluster displays speedometer, rev counter and other information, as well as context-adaptive supplementary data. The right-hand display is the Driver Information Display, providing additional infotainment information.

BMW Vision Head Up Display can highlight buildings, traffic signs or hazards directly in the real-world environment go the drivers viewpoint. Passengers get their own Passenger Information Display. Connected to the Driver Information Display via a touch-sensitive panel, information can be exchanged between driver and front passenger using swiping movements. The functions can be controlled by the front passenger using the touch sensitive iDrive Controller.

BMW Vision Future Luxury Concept

The BMW Vision Future Luxury Concept is a four-seater with a retractable table. The rear features plenty of wood surfaces and strategically placed lighting slats. Surfaces include the finest-quality aniline leather in Batavia brown and a lighter Silk shade, Silk nubuk leather and warm brown, layered lime wood. The foot wells feature deep-pile pure silk carpet and two Rear Seat Displays are set into carbon surrounds, together with a detachable Rear Seat Touch Command Tablet.

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