BMW 9-Series Concept for Beijing Motor Show 2014?

Could BMW be bringing a 9-Series Concept to the upcoming Beijing Motor Show 2014 in a couple of weeks? Well, according to the latest reports, that is exactly what the German manufacturer is planning.

According to these rumours reportedly stemming from inside BMW, the BMW 9-Series Concept which will be presented will feature a modified version of the lightweight architecture set to be utilised by the next-generation 7-Series.

While it may initially sound absurd that BMW would create a 9-Series, it really isn’t out the question considering what its key rival Mercedes-Benz is doing with the range-topping S-Class. As it stands, the S-Class is available as a coupe and will soon be available as a convertible. Importantly, BMW doesn’t have a car to rival an S-Class Coupe and Convertible and a 9-Series could prove to be just that.

GTspirit will be attending the Beijing Motor Show 2014, so if a BMW 9-Series Concept is presented, we’ll be sure to bring it to you first!

[Via Auto Motor und Sport]

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