640hp+ Dodge Challenger Hellcat V8 Filmed at Idle

Dodge is the well and truly into the testing phase of its brand new 6.2-liter supercharged V8 engine dubbed the ‘Hellcat’. Now the very first video has emerged of a Hellcat equipped prototype at idle.

As the following short video shows, the new Dodge Challenger SRT definitely has a very different and distinct V8 burble from the previous generation SRT8. While we’ll obviously have to wait a little longer to hear the engine under full throttle, this should definitely get your heart racing!


The new supercharged V8 has been described as a “last hurrah” for the company before fuel economy standards limit horsepower outputs for American manufacturers. The engine will be built alongside the 5.7-liter and 6.4-liter Hemi V8s currently produced by Chrysler and is expected to produce 640 hp if not a little bit more!


  1. ..oh my god that…. sounds so…. i've never heard something like that before. I'd actually be scared to get near that thing to be honest. " WAIT! DON"T START IT TILL I"M INSIDE!"


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