Litchfield Tunes WTCC Champ's GT-R To 715bhp

Litchfield Motorsports, who specialized in tuning Nissan GT-R models to impressive feats, managed to upgrade WTCC Champ Rob Huff’s own GTR to its Stage 4.5 spec in one day.

During the day Rob had a comprehensive overhaul of his car which has taken it from the factory standard 485 bhp to an incredible 715 bhp and 630 lb-ft of torque.

The fact that this overhaul was completed by the team in less than 24 hours is incredible. Watch the video to see how they did it here.


As part of the Stage 4.5 engine upgrade, Litchfield installed larger LM700 turbos with a custom-spec Litchfield Billet compressor wheel and uprated Garrett waste gate actuators.

The Akrapovič exhaust system they installed provides the highest quality performance and finish. Also installed were a custom Litchfield suspension and brake kit.


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