Official: BMW M4 DTM Racer

The brand new BMW M4 DTM racer has been officially revealed before its on track public debut at the upcoming ITR testing days at Hockenheim, Germany in mid-April. As the name suggests, the M4 DTM is inspired by the brand new 2014 M4 sports car but doesn’t share a single part with the production car.

Under the hood, it features a potent naturally aspirated V8 engine. This ferocious powerplant delivers 480 hp and 369 lb-ft of torque with all that power being sent to the rear wheels via a six-speed sequential transmission operated with paddles by the driver. So advanced is this V8 engine that it is made up of 800 different components and over 3,900 individual parts. While DTM cars aren’t all about straight-line performance, it is worth mentioning the BMW M4 DTM hits 100 km/h from a standstill in about 3 seconds.

While performance of this engine is a key focus, much attention has also been spent on ensuring its reliability. As a matter of fact, of the eight BMW M4 DTMs which will compete this season, just 10 engines are permitted for all of them. Essentially, each engine has to last the entire season with only two backups available.

While the engine is indeed impressive, aerodynamics continues to play arguably the most vital role in DTM racing. As a result, BMW Motorsport engineers focused on reduce drag while still developing huge amounts of downforce. Inspired by the road-going M4, the M4 DTM features air curtains at the front end designed to reduce drag. Additionally, the car features narrowing air ducts which accelerate the air flowing through the front skirts to reduce turbulence around the wheel arches. While BMW hasn’t revealed just how much downforce the M4 DTM produces, know that it would blow you away whatever that figure is.

Official: BMW M4 DTM Racer

Whereas the road-going BMW M4 weighs 1,497 kg, the BMW M4 DTM tips the scales at just 1,110 kg with the driver on board. This weight loss has largely been achieved by the fact that almost the entire body of the M4 DTM is made from carbon fiber reinforced plastic and aluminium.

The first round of the 2014 DTM season will take place at Hockenheim on May 4th.

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