Watch a 7,000hp Dragster Racing on Dirt!

Never heard of sand drag racing? Well, it is exactly what it sounds like as specifically designed cars and bikes sprint across a dirt 300 foot long dirt track for the ultimate prize of coming away victorious.

The following 4-minute video looks at sand drag racing at the Dome Valley Raceway where the world-record holding dragster was competing. That Top Fuel Dragster has actually been designed to compete on normal drag strips but when fitted with special off-roading wheels, it is capable of completing the 300 foot sprint in just over 2 seconds with its record being 2.16 seconds.


With a 500 cubic inch HEMI V8 at the back, this Top Fuel Dragster delivers an insane 7,000 hp and sends dirt flying absolutely everywhere. This really is something you have to see to believe!

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