Ferrari 149M Project World Premiere

Ferrari released a teaser today containing the words “149M Project World Premiere” and the date, 12 February 2014. It seems as though they will release a brand new concept ahead of the Geneva Motor Show 2014!

The Ferrari 149M Project is expected to be based upon the Ferrari California. The California is of course, the last of the current Ferrari range to receive updates. Aside from this, admittedly speculative, detail, not much is known about the Ferrari 149M Project. It has indeed taken us by surprise.

If we had to speculate on specifications, we’d expect to see a V8 engine with turbochargers at the very least. Some are speculating that the 149M Project will become an evolution of the current Ferrari California, much like the Ferrari 575 was to the 550.

We’ll keep you up to date with all the latest rumours.

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