No Plans for BMW M4 or M3 CSL "Just Yet"

While the recently revealed 2014 BMW M3 Sedan and 2014 BMW M4 Coupe are arguably the most advanced, non-hybrid, sports cars to ever leave BMW’s production facility, us enthusiasts are always looking for a little bit more. Whether that be a little more power or a little less weight, we want it. As a result of this, when the new M3 and M4 were revealed, there was some hope that stripped-down CSL variants of the pair would be made available. However, according to BMW itself, that isn’t going to happen “just yet”.

While speaking with Top Gear, product manager for BMW’s small to medium cars Matt Collins said in response to the inevitable whining of BMW enthusiasts in the new couple of years, “Couple of years? They’re whining about [a new CSL] now. At the moment though, there are no plans on a CSL. Or anything like a CSL either.”

The main reason why BMW isn’t currently planning CSL versions of either cars is that they’ve already made the two new M-cars as light as possible. “There wasn’t a CSL on the previous generation (the E92 M3), and the way we look at it is like this: the CSL was great because it had this real focus on lightweight engineering. But we’ve already done that with these new cars. We’ve made them as light as possible – they come in under 1500kgs, which for a car like this is incredible.” Reference is made to the old E46 M3 weighing a similar amount.

“Rather than doing a halfway house to begin with,” Matt explains, “and then rolling out a CSL, we thought we’d make the ‘real’ car as light as we possibly could. So we’ve no plans whatsoever to make a lighter, harder version just yet.”

[Via Top Gear]

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