Lincoln Town Car Based Rolls-Royce Is Horrific

Do you want to fool innocent bystanders into thinking you are much wealthier than you really are? Well, if that’s you then we just found the perfect car for you. On a first glance at the front-end it looks like a normal Rolls-Royce Phantom albeit with a blue finish and some gold accents.

However, upon further inspection this is far from a real Rolls-Royce. It is in fact simply a re-bodied Lincoln Town Car. The current owner interestingly dubs it the Phantom Pharaoh and going in the car’s favour is that it has only covered 36,900 miles. However, apart from that, everything goes downhill.

It has been painted in Braggadocio Blue and Royale Gold and claims to leave all onlookers breathless. We’d hate to know the people that are left breathless by this horrible creation. Nevertheless, it also features a unique crystal hood ornament and 14 carat gold plated Dayton aftermarket wheels. What’s more, these wheels also feature fake sapphire’s and gold Swarovski crystals. This sapphire and crystal theme is then carried onto the rear with a massive rectangle of shiny stones. Additionally, the Phantom Pharaoh badges on the side are finished with the fake sapphires.

With a price of $49,900, this horrible Rolls-Royce Phantom replica is bound to fool somebody into buying it.

[Via AutoTrader]

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