Drunk Driver Hits Ford Mustang

In the perfect example of why you should never drink and driver, a drunk driver in the U.S. crashed his 1997 Toyota Avalon into a property. Making this crash different however, is that his Toyota actually landed on top of a vintage 1996 Ford Mustang once parked on the street.

The force of the crash sent the Ford Mustang through a fence and into someone’s front yard with the only remnants of the Toyota actually landing and resting on top of the American muscle car being the brutal damaged caused to the Mustang’s roof and hood. Before photographers would arrive, the Toyota had been towed away.

Drunk Driver Hits Ford Mustang

While speaking about the crash, local resident Paul Spencer said, “After I heard the initial impact – just a big boom – I noticed the cars on top of each other. I called 911. The driver was still in the car, but you could smell the alcohol. He was laid out in the back.”

[Via NBC Bay Area]

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