Video: Only Jaguar XJ220 in Czech Republic shows up in Prague during Jaguar Club Christmas Event

Since we have published a video which gives an overview of the most exclusive cars in the capital of Czech Republic, you should know about the supercar potential of Prague. While it is quite popular for supercar owners, you would not expect to see a very rare Jaguar XJ220 during a cold December day.

But against all expectations, the only Jaguar XJ220 in Czech Republic showed up in the context of the annual Christmas Event of Jaguar Club Czech Republic. On the waterfront of the Vltava it parked next to other models from the British luxury car manufacturer. According to the enthusiastic owner of the Jaguar XJ220 it has a customised louder exhaust system compared to the stock XJ220. In the video below you see that our friend and YouTube-user Cossie670 did a quick walk around for us and also managed to capture the Jaguar XJ220 in action on the historic roads of Prague.


With its V6 engine only producing a modest 542 hp, the Jaguar XJ220 was once the world’s fastest production car, not just in a straight line, but also the fastest road car to lap the Nurburgring. Originally produced as a concept car, demand for the Jaguar XJ220 developed so quickly that Jaguar swiftly decided to put it into limited production and it ultimately became the fastest production car after hitting 213 mph completely stock at the Nardo Ring while being piloted by former Formula One racer Martin Brundle. With just 281 XJ220’s being produced it remains one of the rarest and most iconic supercars on planet.

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