Meet Michael Sacherová: Sexy BMW E30 Drifter from Czech Republic

Meet Michaela Sacherová, a drifter from Czech Republic and the latest addition to our list of power ladies with adoring looks and racing skills. Michaela is a young talented soul born on October 1st 1991 and unlike other racers who begin their careers at an early age, she joined drifting in 2011 and has grown to be one of the most promising drifters in Europe.

Her support and inspirations come from her dad who is largely involved in her drifting career. She entered the 2011 Czech Drift Series in a BMW E30 335i which she races up until today sponsored by SEMA Racing. Her prowess has beaten the likes of powerful drifters such as the Lexus SC 300 with the legendary 2JZ engine.

Meet Michael Sacherová: BMW E30 Drifter from Czech Republic

Its all about the sport, Michaela loves it and has posted about it on social media several times saying drifting is her life. At her age, you could be looking at the next big name in drifting, with the 2014 calender year highly anticipated, she is ready to take the big boys some both regular and seasonal drifters.

Meet Michael Sacherová: BMW E30 Drifter from Czech Republic

Photos by: Pražský Fotograf, Filip Fabian Photography, Peter Keler, MY Foto , Fotograf Lukaso, Filip Flisek, VanDer Foto, Radka Smetanová.


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