Lamborghini Sets Fire to Bushes in Dubai

This past weekend, a unique Lamborghini drive was organised in Dubai. Around 50 Lamborghini models of all generations took to the streets of the Emirate. The procession travelled from Emirates Towers along Sheikh Zayed Road to Burj Al Arab!

Before the event had started though, there was some commotion in the car part of the Emirates Towers. It seems a rev-battle took place, and with all those hot exhausts spitting flames, one of the participants inadvertently set fire to on of the bushes!


The video above shows the aftermath with the bush ablaze. Fortunately, all those parked near the bush had enough time to move their cars. We are told that the security guards dealt with the fire almost immediately and it caused very little damage.

The video doesn’t reveal which car caused the fire. Ironically, it seems to be a video of a video!


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