Official: Eagle Low Drag GT

Described by none other than Enzo Ferrari himself as the world’s most beautiful car, the original Jaguar E-Type Coupe is a true classic all around the world and a true gift to the automotive community. A few years ago, a small British automaker known as Eagle presented to the world the stunning Eagle E-Type Speedster. This reinvented classic sports car was loved all around the world, especially by Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson.

Official: Eagle Low Drag GT

Now, the company has created its latest reinvented E-Type dubbed the Eagle Low Drag GT. Inspired by the original low drag variant of the Jaguar E-Type, the Eagle Lower Drag GT combines classic 1960’s automotive styling with modern technology and even better performance.

Under the hood, the Eagle Low Drag GT is powered by a 4.7-liter all-aluminium engine producing a total of 345 hp. That powerplant is then mated to an aluminium 5 speed transmission. Other new features to improve performance include sequential fuel injection with individual throttle bodies, an aluminium limited slip differential, electric steering, AP Racing brakes as well as custom Eagle Supersport suspension and world-class Ohlins dampers. Despite all of these new features, the Eagle Low Drag GT tips the scales at just 1,038 kg!

Official: Eagle Low Drag GT

In addition to these new performance parts, the car features a larger cabin incorporating air condition and a long-range fuel cell.

As it stands, only one Eagle Low Drag GT has been produced. However, if you’re willing to spend 650,000 pounds and wait 18 months for another to be built, you can have your very own!

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